Ransomware Protection Solution

Protecting your valuable information against ransomware attacks is crucial in today’s digital landscape. As cyber threats evolve, robust ransomware protection and recovery solutions are essential for safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining business continuity. RBT Security offers comprehensive ransomware protection and recovery managed services designed to defend against and recover from ransomware attacks efficiently.


Mirror Shielding Technology

When ransomware encrypts files on a system protected by Mirror Shielding, the encrypted data is stored on the overlay while the original files remain intact. Even though the ransomware has effectively made the files inaccessible, the original data is still preserved. In recovery from a ransomware attack, users can revert the ransomware changes by deleting the encrypted data stored on the overlay.

This action restores the original, unencrypted files, allowing users to regain access to their data without having to pay the ransom or resort to backups. In summary, the overlay images containing the encrypted data are deleted while reverting changes, thereby restoring the original files that were protected by Mirror Shielding.

Why Choose Us?

Proactive Defense

Our solution for ransomware protection uses advanced techniques to recover information after an attack.

Rapid Recovery

In the unfortunate event of a ransomware attack, our recovery solutions facilitate the swift restoration of encrypted data, minimizing downtime and reducing financial losses.

Tailored Solutions

We offer plans that can be customized to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our options are scalable, which means they can easily grow with your business.

Expert Support

Our team of cybersecurity experts is available round-the-clock to provide monitoring, guidance and support, ensuring that your customers receive timely assistance in the event of a ransomware incident.

Peace of Mind

Focus on your business without fear of ransomware. Protect your reputation and customer trust. Comprehensive solutions for total peace of mind