Threat Hunting

RBT offers Threat Hunting services, a proactive process to uncover potential threat that lays within an organizations environment.  We adhere to SANS, the world’s largest cybersecurity research organization, employing their threat hunting framework to comprehensively assess and test your environment

Our Methodology

Implementing industry standards, we utilize SANS threat hunting model which consists of 6 sequential stages: Purpose, Scope, Equip, Plan, Review, Execute, and Feedback. Complemented with with recommendations from MITTRE and NIST to perform a well rounded assessment.  We utilizes automation tools coupled with manual scanning to ensure we could find the vulnerabilities that automated tools may not be able to identify by leveraging IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) , IOAs(Indicators of attack) and TTPs (Tactics, techniques and Procedures).

SANS Threat Hunting Model

Threat Hunting Model

1. Purpose

2. Scope

3. Equip

4. Plan

5. Review

6. Execute

7. Feedback

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