Become a RBT Security Fusion Reseller

Our services offer unique protection for your customers against cyber threats. As our partner, you can access cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions without the hassle and expense of building your competencies. You can customize and scale your offerings, including Network & Application & Cloud Security, Social Engineering, ERP Systems Penetration Testing, and Compliance & Security.

Join us to enhance your credibility, leverage our industry expertise, and empower your customers with top-notch security. Contact us now to become an RBT Security Fusion Reseller Partner and ensure a secure digital future.

RBT Security Fusion Services

Why Sell RBT Security Fusion Services?

The RBT Security Fusion Reseller Program offers exceptional cybersecurity services that are comprehensive and trustworthy. Our platform simplifies cybersecurity management, providing both cloud security and on-premise services and solutions.

Through RBT Security Fusion Services, you can extend your offensive cybersecurity capabilities to offer your customers budget-friendly protection, shielding them from constantly changing threats and gaining access to technical expertise and support.



Social Engineering

Social Engineering

We provide customized social engineering testing solutions that meet your business needs and goals.
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Compliance & Security Framework

Compliance & Security Framework

Streamline regulatory processes and mitigate risk with our expert compliance and security services.
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Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

We create custom monthly pentesting plans to help you improve your security and protect your organization from cyberattacks.
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RBT Security Fusion Reseller Program

The RBT Security Fusion Program enables reseller partners to provide advanced security services that protect their clients from potential threats. The program offers flexible and risk-free business models that generate immediate revenue streams without the need for any initial capital investment.

Reseller partners must select from one of three Tiers based on their business goals and level of commitment.

Silver Partner

Ad-Hoc – Standard Level Partnership

  • Foster Collaborative Engagement
  • Access to Multiple Partner Benefits
  • Eligible to receive referral fees by positioning Fusion Services

Gold Partner

Proactive – Enhanced Level Partnership

  • Strengthen Collaborative Engagement
  • Amplify Business with Reselling Fusion Services
  • Unlock Extensive Partner Benefits

Platinum Partner

Tactical – Premier Level Partnership

  • Foster Strategic Collaboration
  • Maximize Revenue Potential by Reselling Fusion Services
  • Gain Exclusive and Premium Partner Benefits

Become a Fusion Partner

Become a Fusion Partner