Application Security

Our security assessment service at RBT covers all security areas, including web, mobile (Android/IOS), API, Thick Client penetration testing, and source code review. This approach ensures that your organization is protected from all angles.

Webapp Pentesting

Web Application Penetration Testing aims to detect misconfigurations and potential vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. This type of testing is crucial as it helps organizations identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be used to launch an attack.

Our comprehensive API Penetration Testing service utilizes advanced testing methodologies to thoroughly assess the security of your API, identifying any potential vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations to improve your overall security posture.

It is crucial to ensure your sensitive data remains secure and user privacy is always maintained. With RBT Security’s mobile penetration testing service, you can detect any possible security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your mobile applications and help prevent further risk.

Our team specializes in thick client pentesting, which involves detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in desktop applications to safeguard confidential information and prevent possible cyber attacks. With our thorough and comprehensive methodology, we provide actionable suggestions to enhance the security of your thick client applications.

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