Mobile App Penetration Testing

Our mobile testing service is designed to give your mobile application a thorough security assessment and provide you with practical recommendations to enhance its overall security. We adhere to industry standards such as the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and OWASP’s Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG) to provide the best possible security measures for Android and iOS platforms.

Our Supported Platform


Android pentesting involves conducting comprehensive security assessments of the applications. The service includes identifying vulnerabilities, testing for potential exploits, and providing recommendations for improving the security of Android applications.


iOS pentesting is testing the security of iOS mobile applications and devices. It can include testing for jailbreak detection, analyzing the encryption mechanisms used to protect data, and examining the network traffic between the application and backend servers to increase the security posture.

Our Methodology

Our team uses several phases to conduct Android and iOS pentesting services: planning and reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, manual testing, and reporting. We also utilize OWASP Mobile Top 10 and OWASP Mobile Application Security Testing Guide to provide in-depth guidelines for assessment and mitigate potential security risks.



  1. Improper Platform Usage
  2. Insecure Data Storage
  3. Insecure Communication
  4. Insecure Authentication
  5. Insufficient Cryptography
  6. Insecure Authorization
  7. Client Code Quality
  8. Code Tampering
  9. Reverse Engineering
  10. Extraneous Functionality
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Our Approach

Planning & Reconnaissance
We gather information about your mobile application to create a customized testing approach.
Vulnerability scanning
We use automated vulnerability scanning tools to identify low-hanging fruit vulnerabilities in the mobile app i.e mobsf.
We attempt to realistically exploit the identified vulnerabilities using publicly available exploit code, commercial penetration testing tools, and customized exploit code and tools.
Manual testing
To uncover any additional vulnerabilities the automated tools may have missed (logic flaws). We seek to identify your exploitable vulnerabilities and determine the best way to exploit them.
Goal accomplishment / Reporting
We provide a detailed report that includes our findings, recommendations for remediation, and a roadmap for improving your mobile application's security posture.
Follow-up / Re-Testing
Conduct additional testing to ensure the remediation measures have successfully addressed the identified vulnerabilities.
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