AWS Penetration Testing

Our team provides AWS pen testing services that assess a client’s AWS environment. We thoroughly review the configuration, scan for potential vulnerabilities, and perform penetration testing to detect security gaps. Our testing includes simulating real-world attacks and evaluating EC2 instances, S3 buckets, Lambda functions, RDS databases, API Gateway, and IAM policies. Additionally, we ensure compliance with HIPAA and PCI DSS standards. Our primary objective is to assist clients in maintaining a secure AWS environment.

Our Methodology

Our team of experts has devised a methodology to detect prevalent security concerns in AWS services, with a focus on the infrastructure’s vulnerable and critical components. This is important because AWS’s scalable nature can sometimes be challenging to detect security threats. We prioritize the most critical and often vulnerable infrastructure components, such as:

As part of our evaluation process, we carefully assess user permissions and check for any publicly accessible AWS services.

Assumed Breach Model

We employ AWS cloud's assumed breach model penetration testing to simulate a potential security threat that has infiltrated the cloud environment. This enables us to accurately replicate real-life attack situations and identify any misconfigurations in the AWS environment.

  • AWS Console Access: IAM Username & Password
  • Programmatic Access: Access Keys & Secret Keys
  • Our Approach

    Planning & Reconnaissance
    We work with you to understand the scope of the specific cloud-hosted environment to be evaluated. We protect your cloud environments against targeted threats with technical configuration assessments and scenario-based exercises. Also, we conduct targeted reconnaissance to assess the attack surface of externally exposed systems and services.
    Manual testing
    We attempt to exploit identified vulnerabilities using a combination of publicly available exploits and commercial penetration testing tools. Our experts then conduct realistic attack simulations using internally developed exploits and tools to mirror the latest attacker behaviors as seen on the frontline.
    We work to gain access to your cloud platform from the Internet with a mission to steal data from sensitive environments in your network or take control of critical devices to issue malicious commands.
    Goal accomplishment / Reporting
    We provide hardening recommendations to improve your cloud environment's overall defense and maturity. Our objective is to help you mitigate attack surface vulnerability and exposure.
    Follow-up / Re-Testing
    Conduct additional testing to ensure the remediation measures have successfully addressed the identified vulnerabilities.
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    Our Team can provide your business with the following.

    We assess an organization’s AWS environment for security by simulating hacker attack techniques. Our assessments cover user permissions and exposed AWS services to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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