Purple Teaming Assessment

This exercise offers a unique opportunity to thoroughly assess the security system’s response and pinpoint areas that need improvement. It is a collaborative security assessment technique that combines Red Team (Offensive) and Blue Team (Defensive) testing. It presents an excellent opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of your Security Operations Centers’ security.

Our Methodology

We evaluate the client’s organization’s defense capability using MITRE ATT&CK, matrices that analyzes attack tactics, techniques, and procedures. We also utilize The Cyber Kill Chain framework developed by Lockheed Martin, which focuses on improving detection, response, and recovery from cyber attacks.

Additionally, we follow the NIST SP 800-61 guideline, which emphasizes incident management and response to enhance our ability to prevent, detect, analyze, and respond to cyber incidents. We utilize The Cyber Security Pyramid of Pain to assist the Blue Team. This involves a set of indicators that aid in detecting an attacker’s activities, with varying degrees of impact on the attacker’s operations.

Cyber Kill Chain

Cyber Kill Chain

  1. Reconnaissance
  2. Weaponization
  3. Delivery
  4. Exploitation
  5. Installation
  6. Command & Control (C2)
  7. Actions on Objectives
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The Pyramid of Pain

The Pyramid of Pain

  1. Hash Values
  2. IP Addresses
  3. Domain Names
  4. Network Artifacts
  5. Host Artifacts
  6. Tools
  7. Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) Item
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Our Approach

Identify the objectives of the exercise and define the scope and working procedures.
Select the Unified Cyber Kill Chain methodology for the exercise and define specific steps for each phase (e.g., Reconnaissance, Weaponization, Delivery, Exploitation, Installation, Command and Control, and Actions). Configure the testing environment and define the roles and responsibilities of the red team and blue team.
The red team will carry out simulated attacks using the Unified Cyber Kill Chain methodology to identify weaknesses in the organization's defense, while the blue team will work to detect, respond, and recover from these attacks.
Evaluate the results and analyze the data collected during the exercise using the Unified Cyber Kill Chain methodology. Identify areas for improvement and make adjustments to the organization's security strategy.
Implement improvements in the organization's cybersecurity based on the results and recommendations obtained from the purple team exercise.
Report and recommendations
Present a detailed report describing the results of the purple team assessment and recommendations to improve the organization's security posture.
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