What Does RBT Security Represent?

Kukulkan (/kʼuː kʼuːlˈkän/); “Mayan Feathered Serpent God”, our logo, represents wisdom, knowledge sharing, and cultural awareness. As part of our heritage, RBT security experts aim for balance and vigilance in protecting digital assets through education and resilience.

Just as Kukulkan embodies the serpent and feathered aspects in harmony, effective cybersecurity requires a balance between offensive and defensive strategies.

Like the serpent shedding its old skin, Red Teams continuously adapt and evolve their tactics, techniques, and procedures to simulate real-world cyber threats and emulate the techniques used by malicious actors.

Like the feather, Blue Teams provide protection and insulation, defend networks, systems, and data against cyber threats, and maintain operational continuity.

We strongly believe Red and Blue teams must adapt their tactics, techniques and methodologies to suit the unique challenges and environments faced by organizations across different industries.

Our Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering quality expertise tailored to their unique needs. We are also committed to stimulating trust and confidence in our services and ensuring the support and resources needed to stay ahead of persistent threats are easily accessible.

Our Vision

We enjoy working together as a team to become one of the top offensive and defensive cybersecurity companies known for expertise, customer satisfaction, and commitment to staying ahead of emerging threats. A world where businesses can operate safely in the digital space.

Our Goal

Prepare businesses of all sizes to tackle cyberattacks head-on. We provide actionable and prioritized recommendations by continuously improving our services and investing in the latest technologies, tools, and techniques, leaving our customers confident about data security and privacy.